<<<Cointiply>>>Win Up to $10 in BTC Every Hour!
What is Cointiply?
Cointiply is a Bitcoin Faucet established in February 2018. Currently, it is one of the highest paying bitcoin in the market.
==>Faucet, Offerwalls, Videos, PTC Ads, CointiPlay Multiplier, and Cointivity rewards system!
The platform is FREE and easy to use. Cointiply offers two premium membership options:
==>Premium (1 month) - 17 000 coins;
==>Premium (1 year) - 170 000 coins.
<<<Bitcoin Faucet>>>
A simple feature which lets you claim a very small amount of free 'coins' every hour. Simply hit “roll and win”, and a random number from 1 to 99,999 will show up in your screen.
If you are lucky enough to roll 99,999, you will win the jackpot of 100,000 coins (approx. $100).
Note: These faucet values depend on your multiplier rate.
What does your Cointiplier mean?
==>Your Cointiplier rate determines how much you can earn per faucet claim. The higher your Cointiplier rate, the more you will earn from each faucet claim.
How can you increase your Cointiplier?
==>Be a loyal user, leave our webpage open, complete offerwalls, play our great video games, and refer active users!
<<<Complete Offers>>>
Cointiply's offerwalls pay more than any other site with similar offers based.
Note: There is no best offerwall, as availability varies based on country location and what you are willing to do to possible earn money.
Cointiply has partnered with 20 offer walls, which are third-party platforms full of opportunities to earn rewards. Popular offer walls include Adscend Media, Tap Research, Adgate Media, Theorem Reach, Minute Staff, and Revenue Wall.
You will find numerous survey, free trials, free sign-ups, casino offers and mobile apps and more!
Note: Explore these with caution and don't commit any real money to them unless they prove credible to you.
<<<Video Offers>>>
The easiest way to earn coins is by watching videos via Smores, Hideout.tv or the Cointiply Video Ads.
If you don't have the computing power to run videos in the background skip this next step. If you do have the computing power then this can be an almost limitless income of coins with little effort on your part.
The only effort you have to put into these offers is every once in awhile it will pause and ask if your still watching.
<<<CointiPoints and Collectibles>>>
On the main faucet Dashboard page, click on Cointivity Profile. Here you can see how many CointiPoints you have earned and your progress to the next level. Higher levels unlock more slots to affix collectibles to further boost your earnings.
You earn 1 CointiPoint (CPt) for every 10 coins that you gain on the site from faucet claims, offer wall earnings, videos, referral earnings, browser games, and PTC ads. With CointiPoints you can purchase collectibles which boost site offerwall earnings! Your site earnings can easily be boosted 20%+.
Two collectible types exist: temporary ones, called consumables, and permanent, called Equippables.
Clicking on Inventory & Pods takes you to the page where you can purchase collectibles. They are contained in pods of different price based on common, uncommon, or rare status.
==>Using or selling collectibles
From the Inventory & Pods page you can equip or sell your collectibles. To equip click on the top left corner. If you are using a consumable, this will instantly start the timer running until the earning boost expires.
==>Probability of getting at least one rare collectible / Probability of getting at least one uncommon.
✅ Rare Pod: 14.3% at least one rare out of 3 items / 83.3% at least one uncommon out of 3 items;
✅ Rare Pods: 11.4% at least one rare out of 6 items / 86% at least one uncommon out of 6 items;
✅10 Common Pods: 3% at least one rare out of 30 items / 96% at least one uncommon out of 30 items.
Note: One easy way to make your consumables worthwhile is to save up all your "HideOut" Adscend offer-wall video points for multiple days. Activate your best consumables and then redeem.
Pods can be purchased with either CointiPoints or Coins.
==>Common Pod:100 CointiPoints or 1,000 Coins.(Each item has an 89.9% chance to be Common, 10% chance to be Uncommon, and 0.1% chance to be Rare);
==>Uncommon Pod: 500 CointiPoints or 5,000 Coins (Each item has an 70% chance to be Common, 28% chance to be Uncommon, and 2% chance to be Rare);
==>Rare Pod: 1,000 CointiPoints or 10,000 Coins (Each item has an 50% chance to be Common, 45% chance to be Uncommon, and 5% chance to be Rare).
Pods can be purchased with either CointiPoints or Coins. You can see the chances for each Pod in your Cointivity Inventory.
Chose any game from a vast selection and earn a reward every time your activity bar fills up.
Earning through Games is not the fastest but rather easy. Start by clicking on the Games Tab at the top of your screen.
Next step is to click on a game that interests you. All you have to do is play until you see an Advertisement play. Once your activity bar fills up to 100% you will receive a payment.
They have quite a lot of games to play as well, and some are quite fun.
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